Lifespan: 27 – 40 years​

Ezekiel is the smartest donkey we know. We adopted him from a donkey rescue out of Texas along with his brother Jeremiah (who unfortunately passed away). His best friend is a mini mule named Levi. They love to play games! Zeke will take one end of a food bowl in his mouth and Levi the other. They will walk around dragging the food bowl in the sand to draw circles. We’ve had to reinforce the gate locks because he studied how to open them and did to run around in other pastures.

Wild asses such as donkeys evolved in arid locations in Africa and Asia, where most herds tend to be more spread out. The large ears help heighten a donkey’s sense of hearing, so it can pick up the calls of herd mates — and predators — from miles away. Another use for the donkey’s long ears is heat dissipation. The larger surface area helps the donkey expel its internal heat at a high rate to stay cool in the hot desert environments.