Little Bear Sanctuary

Tuff the Bull

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Weight: 1100-2200 lb
Lifespan: 10 or 12 ​

Tuff is our handsome bull and protector of the cattle. He’s a mini zebu but don’t let his size fool you. His original home was in Miami so he’s a native Floridian. He is always monitoring who visits and if he doesn’t know you, you will hear about it. Very loudly too!  He will bow his head and kick up the sand and make sure you know to not even think about hugging any cows. He’s really a big softy inside and loves kisses (if he knows you). Give him an apple and he’ll love you forever!

The hair is generally shorter on the body, but on the neck and head there is often a “mane” of curlier, wooly hair. Bulls are usually about the same height as cows or a little taller, but because of the additional muscle and bone mass they often weigh far more.