Lifespan: 15 – 20 years​

Minnie was rescued from one of the most horrific pig abuse cases we’ve ever seen thanks to a 2016 PETA investigation of Darlynn’s Darlins ‘rescue’ outside of Polk County, Florida. Pigs weren’t given anything to eat for up to five days at a time and then, when they were, it was often nothing but rotten scraps of produce and moldy bread. Sick, injured and dying, the animals were denied veterinary care. Over 200 animals were seized – rescuing them from utter misery.

Although originally taken by a different sanctuary in Florida, Little Bear Sanctuary now cares for Minnie, plus thirteen other pigs that were rescued with her.

Minnie weighs in at 350 pounds, has severe arthritis and takes medication daily to ease her pain. She is truly the poster child for how love and compassion can overcome the most horrible of abuse. She shares an area with her best friend, a blind pig named Julia.