Sparkles was part of the Florida FFA program here in town. The family’s youngest daughter did not want Sparkles to go to slaughter. When they reached out to us, we were happy to take her along with her stall mate Black Beauty.
Before her arrival Sparkles gave birth to a beautiful boy named Smoke who eventually went to another farm. About a year after we rescued Sparkles, we were able to reunite her with her baby Smoke!

Cows are extremely intelligent, have best friends, and an amazing memory. Sparkles and Smoke immediately recognized each other. 

Had we not taken Sparkles & Black Beauty, they would have been slaughtered, and we would have never been able to reunite Sparkles with her son Smokes. Now all three will live their entire lives together at the sanctuary. We’re so grateful we were given the opportunity to save them.

Enjoy the video below of the day we reunited Sparkles with her son Smoke at the sanctuary.