Become a Sanctuary Supporter to Help Feed & Shelter the Animals

Little Bear Sanctuary is home to over 200 rescued animals. Our animal residents live on a farm of nearly 25 football fields or 30 acres.

Little Bear Sanctuary is a cruelty-free, safe sanctuary for animals in need, providing a permanent, much-needed healthy, compassionate home to those abandoned and neglected.

Did you know what as little as $5 bucks can do for our animals?

  • $5-Bucks is 80% of a bag of pig feed that will feed a pig for 27 days.
  • $5-Bucks will buy one block of salt for a cow that lasts the month
  • $5-Bucks helps with controlling bugs and bests
  • $5-Bucks is one round trip to the vet
  • $5-Bucks will buy one month’s supply of Sunscreen.  (Pigs get sunburn)

Who wouldn’t want to put sunscreen on a pig!