Little Bear Sanctuary


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Visit by Appointment only

We are always happy to welcome guests to the sanctuary and the animals love meeting new friends.  However we do have some rules to follow so you and the animals stay safe. 

  • Contact us one week in advance.  Click Here to start your visit. 
  • We request a $10.00 or more donation per-human. We preferred cash if possible. 
  • Wear appropriate clothing: boots, or closed toe shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy – or poopy; also Pigs love to nibble on toes. 
  • Be prepared to walk; the sanctuary is big and you will walk, a lot. 
  • Be prepared to be outdoors, wear sunscreen, bring bottled water.
  • All ages can visit however children must be with an adult at all times.  
  • Our animals are very friendly and sometime they get excited which can be scary to some kids. 

We are Not Wheelchair accessible.

As we are essentially an outdoor sanctuary we do not have paved pathways or areas a typical wheel chair can use, however you can get close to some area from the parking lot. 

Can they bring treats for the animals?

Do not bring your own treats. But, yes you can feed the animals treats.  Our animals are on very specific diets and types of foods so we appreciate it if you use our treats.  We ask for a $3.00 donation for a pack of healthy treats.  

Are the animals dangerous?

No, but they are very large and can overwhelm most people if you get too close.  

Can we pet the animals?

Yes, but do it kindly.  Our animals know they are safe and they love humans.  But they do get scared so be kind and hug wisely. 


We are open every day of the year.  

Can I bring my dog?

While we would love to meet your dog, some of our animals may be scared of them.  So no dogs, cats, Peacocks, Wolves, Coyotes, and absolute no bears allowed.   

Can I host a party or event at the sanctuary?

Let’s Talk!  Click Here. 



Do you have bathrooms?

We have clean Port-A-Potty. 

Do you have food and beverages?

No human food, but we do have bottled water for a small fee.