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Little Bear Sanctuary Goes Hollywood

What could be more ingenious than an ostensibly vapid program subliminally turning its viewers plant-based?

That’s not exactly what we’re doing here. But we figured teasing vegans has been a national pastime for like a decade now, so someone should really lean into that.

Let’s show the hilarity, eccentricity, and banality of an actual working sanctuary, punctuated by some of those crazy animal people. But scripted, of course.

And because some of the production team actually are nutty vegans, there’s another shtick. This piece of work will never actually use any of the 200+ animals on set. We don’t believe in commodifying sentient beings, so we’re just gonna go forth and shoot, knowing that at any moment the actors may get jumped on, bleated at, nuzzled, pecked, and… whatever zebus do.

Stay tuned!