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Friends of Little Bear Sanctuary

The businesses below have been invaluable allies in our mission to provide a safe haven for rescued farm animals. Through their unwavering support, they have not only helped raise crucial funds but have also facilitated the acquisition of vital grants that sustain our sanctuary’s operations. Their dedication to our cause has enabled us to improve the quality of care for our animal residents. With their generous contributions and advocacy, these businesses have played an instrumental role in ensuring the well-being and happiness of our beloved animal family. We are profoundly grateful for their partnership and commitment to creating a more compassionate world for all beings.

Meet Our Friends

El Nopalito Vegan Taqueria

El Nopalito
Vegan Taqueria

About El Nopalito Vegan Taqueria:

At El Nopalito Vegan Taqueria, we are passionate about serving authentic 100% vegan Mexican cuisine to our customers. The seed of El Nopalito was planted when our founder, Chef Sandra, learned about veganism from her sons. As a self-taught chef, Sandra transformed her traditional Mexican dishes into vegan perfection.  

In 2023, we opened our small business at Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, Florida. Alongside her family, Chef Sandra joyously brings the flavors from her hometown of Mexico City to the South Florida community. We’re driven by our love for the animals, the planet, and the people. We are so grateful for Little Bear Sanctuary!

Visit El Nopalito Vegan Taqueria's website by going to https://elnopalitovegano.com or by clicking on their logo.



About Philanthropy at Walmart:

Walmart.org represents the philanthropic efforts of Walmart and the Walmart Foundation. By focusing where the business has unique strengths, Walmart.org works to tackle key social and environmental issues and collaborate with others to spark long-lasting systemic change. Walmart has stores in 24 countries, employs more than 2 million associates and does business with thousands of suppliers who, in turn, employ millions of people. Walmart.org is helping people live better by supporting programs to accelerate upward job mobility for frontline workers, advance equity, address hunger, build inclusive economic opportunity for people in supply chains, protect and restore nature, reduce waste and emissions, and build strong communities where Walmart operates.

To learn more, visit www.walmart.org, click on their logo, or connect on Twitter @Walmartorg.


What People
Say About Us

Great place! Beautiful message. Animals are loved and cared for here.

Karen McCarthy

I am overwhelmed by the selflessness of these individuals who dedicate themselves to such an outstanding mission saving and loving God's beautiful little creatures! It is with great honor and pleasure that I am blessed to be able to contribute toward making these precious animals lives better. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your caring community!

Cheryl Duva

A wonderful place! The animals are so well cared for. The work they are doing here is so important. Can’t wait to come back!!

Gretchen Paloma Garcia

What a beautiful experience it was spending time here at the sanctuary! So much love that goes around for all the animals is just so heartwarming!

Jessica Dobbins

This place is a little gem! Our day was filled with joy and friendly pigs, donkeys, cows, and goats. The staff was amazing. Kelly gave us a tour, and we felt so blessed to donate to this sanctuary by bringing a little bit of Christmas to this beautiful place. They are very informative and inviting, and they have a heart for the animals that they care for, and it shows. Worth a tour, and please consider a donation to this great cause!

Gina Rossetti
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